Wanting to, but not being able to sleep. Blood irritant! Yet this happens to you regularly. You may even have insomnia. But what exactly is insomnia, also called insomnia? Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes sleep your worst enemy. You fall asleep poorly, you wake up often or wake up early every time. Or a combination of these. 

Insomnia from stress and worry

In times of stress, insomnia can often flare up. Stress and bad sleep go hand in hand. You think too much, you worry, so your brain cannot find the peace to fall asleep. As a result, every night the fear that you will not fall asleep. 

SIP. Sleep for the best version of yourself

Relaxation, that’s what you need. SIP.Sleep is not just another meditation app, but a drink that ensures a better night’s sleep. It contains a unique combination of relaxing herbs and minerals that does the trick . From valerian to passion flower: the calming effect makes you dream away easier than ever. So that you are your best self during the day. 

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